REALign Your Ride, Body and Mind

As an equestrian, I want to improve my riding ability so that I have better communication with my horse, more enjoyment when I ride, and a strong feeling of safety in the saddle.

Pain, stiffness, and mental road blocks -- fear, lack of confidence, etc. -- have all played a role in my own experience while riding. After talking to other riders I began to see I wasn't alone, and that I wanted to figure out a way to help us all improve!

I had the good fortune to take a few lessons and clinics with Lisa Eklund, whose focus on mindfulness (rather than getting position or frame right) made a huge difference for me. I began to discover how to enjoy the PROCESS of learning and making mistakes, and how to ride to the best of MY ability.

We decided to pool our knowledge of the mind and body to bring fellow riders a system that can help riders reach their goals and make MORE progress with less stress, less pain, and more enjoyment.


Upcoming Clinics and Online Programs . . . Coming Soon!!

In the meantime, check out Lisa Eklund's website by clicking the button below. She has several online and in person programs to offer!