REALign Your Ride Through Massage

As riders, we are constantly striving for better, aren't we?

Better form, better impulsion, better transitions, better lines, better distances, and the list goes on. Many of these "betters" we try so hard to achieve require so much effort and practice.

But did you know that you can improve your ride in an hour or less by doing nothing but lying on a massage table? 

It's true!

Your posture affects your horse. 100%. End. Of. Story. And my Realignment massages help improve your posture.

Do you know which of your shoulders is higher? Which hip rotates forward? Or maybe you know you have a misalignment; perhaps one leg is shorter or you had surgery on a shoulder so your range of motion isn't what it should be.

A Realignment massage can help determine some of these misalignments and even help your body relax into better alignment in just one session. I use a variety of techniques that relax, tonify, and release muscles to help improve your posture and range of motion, and therefore, your ability to communicate with your horse.

I also provide an evaluation of your posture, confer with your trainer, and give you a plan for keeping yourself (because you are the one in control of your muscles, after all) in better postural alignment. Yes, one massage can make a difference, but if you don't know how to maintain your new-found postural freedom, you're likely to go back to riding out of balance.

I can even add a yoga session, because I do that, too. 🙂

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