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I’m tired of not achieving my goals, and having ANOTHER year blow past me without doing things I wanted to do. How about you??

I really became upset when December rolled around this year. I mean, 2022 was practically over and I only took one vacation, and barely looked up from my working life to achieve things outside of it. PLUS, I didn’t even hit my business goals for 2022 BECAUSE I didn’t follow through with any plans. I can’t even remember making plans!!

Thankfully, I received an email that reminded me there IS something I can do about 2023. See, back in 2016 and 2017 I used Leonie Dawson’s Biz and Life workbooks to plan out my year, and I have to admit they worked. I doubled my business, made more money, and did some fun stuff outside of work. I stopped using them because I bought into a few other types of workbooks (more specifically for marketing and social media) just to see how they worked. They didn’t. I literally stopped using them after a few months, and they are decorative dust collectors now. One is currently the “stand” I use to prop up my iPad!! 🙂

When I got Leonie’s email (thankfully I’m still signed up to receive her emails!!) it was like getting hit in the face with a snowball. In a good way. I remembered that her workbooks actually DID work because they were colorful, whimsical, ethereal,. fun and ass-kicking all at once. They take you through everything you need to construct the life you want in one year. Leonie is a multi-millionaire mum from Australia who created these workbooks for herself. They made her so much money and helped her create the life of her dreams so she decided to share them. Lucky us!!

I use both of these workbooks, and I used them digitally. I learned that I’m just not going to lug around more crap in my backpack. I already take my iPad with me to work, so I just download it there. The cool thing is, Leonie formats these so you can fill it out digitally! And then keep reminders to check your progress. All right on your phone or tablet! It’s really the best for me. BUT, if you’re into paper and writing and drawing yourself, the printed ones are lush. They are so vibrant, you’ll love just opening them and petting the pages. 🙂

The digital downloads version of these are only $10 each, so what are you waiting for? Click the pic above or the button below to order yours.

In addition, I’m going to be running a FB group to help keep me motivated and on course to achieve my goals. It’d be great if you’d join me and help me make 2023 year fabulous!

Looking for a better laundry detergent that saves you money and ditches the giant plastic jugs?

Dropps is a company I came across when I was looking for a better way to do the mountains of laundry I face everyday. I was constantly buying giant jugs or expensive pods with harsh chemicals. I was spending about $45 a month on detergent alone! Plus, I could never get all the detergent out of the plastic jugs, and they took up all the room in my recycling bin.

Now, thanks to Dropps, I receive a small cardboard box in the mail that holds FOUR MONTHS of detergent for my business and my family. It’s dye-free, fragrance-free (of course), and it literally costs me $34 every four months. That small cardboard box is recyclable, it costs less in gas and money for companies to ship, and all the products are biodegradable. They have laundry detergent as well as dishwasher pods and fabric softeners. You can pick your schedule for shipping (change it anytime), and they help you determine how many pods you’ll need based on your family size.

Best of all, you can save $15 on your first order when you use this button to check them out: