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Looking for a better laundry detergent that saves you money and ditches the giant plastic jugs?

Dropps is a company I came across when I was looking for a better way to do the mountains of laundry I face everyday. I was constantly buying giant jugs or expensive pods with harsh chemicals. I was spending about $45 a month on detergent alone! Plus, I could never get all the detergent out of the plastic jugs, and they took up all the room in my recycling bin.

Now, thanks to Dropps, I receive a small cardboard box in the mail that holds FOUR MONTHS of detergent for my business and my family. It’s dye-free, fragrance-free (of course), and it literally costs me $34 every four months. That small cardboard box is recyclable, it costs less in gas and money for companies to ship, and all the products are biodegradable. They have laundry detergent as well as dishwasher pods and fabric softeners. You can pick your schedule for shipping (change it anytime), and they help you determine how many pods you’ll need based on your family size.

Best of all, you can save $15 on your first order when you use this button to check them out: