Multi-level Marketing Companies are all over the place. They take over your social media feeds. They’ve become so common, I used to pretty much ignore any posts I saw that were related to an MLM, no matter how great someone’s life became after they started using the product or program.

Then Health Issues hit my immediate family, and I decided to roll the dice.

Nothing brings things to a head, or forces you to re-evaluate your position, more quickly than a threat to you or someone you love. When auto-immune disorders began to pop up in my immediate family, I reached out to doctors and nutritionists I know from working in the healthcare industry for over a decade. They all gave me the same answer:

  • Heal the gut
  • Reduce inflammatory foods
  • Cut out glyphosate (Roundup chemical sprayed on crops)

So many of our modern issues are stemming from inflammation in the gut. But how do I go about doing those things? My challenges are:

  1. I don’t really like to cook. I like to bake desserts, but that’s not going to help me here.
  2. I love to eat vegetables, but there’s not enough time in between clients to chop and chew 7 servings a day!
  3. I need fast food that’s good for me because I often have to skip real meals in my line of work.
  4. I need high levels of protein, my job is super hard on my body and my muscles need to repair.

After a few months of doing research and trying to come up with a game plan, one of my colleagues mentioned a product to me. It’s called Biome Medic, and early studies show it removes 74% of glyphosate from your gut after just six weeks. It also aids in healing inflammation in the gut wall, helps reduce bloating, and improves how your whole digestive system feels.

I got some. I sent some to my Mom who has food sensitivities and was constantly feeling bloated and uncomfortable. After just a few days she reported big changes: no more bloating, she had less pain and discomfort and everything was moving as it should!

So I thought:

This is a game-changer, there is something to this product. I know other people who could benefit from it. How can I help them?

My colleague suggested I try joining up with the company, even though I was seriously MLM-shy. She had been integrating the products into her massage practice, and was helping loads of people get healthier.

I thought, if there’s ever been a reason I went into massage therapy, it was to help people get better and better understand what helps them get back to living their lives. This company and their products could enhance that mission.

But first, I was gonna try this stuff out on myself. Here are some things you may not know about me:

  • I am allergic to legumes (beans and peanuts), they give me skin rashes and breakouts
  • I have trouble sleeping
  • I have restless leg syndrome
  • I have always had an irregular menstrual cycle, and as I approach 40, it’s started being an-every-21-days-or-less thing
  • I’m a chocolate and sugar addict
  • Ever since beginning work as an LMT, my motivation to exercise regularly has tanked, so I’m not doing much outside of work

I decided to try the Athlete’s 10-Day Transformation, because my job is like doing yoga for 5 hours every day. I needed more energy and the nutrition to repair my muscles.

After about 5 days on the program, I had so much energy and was sleeping like a champ. My chocolate and sugar cravings were non-existent, and I wasn’t feeling as sore. I was also in such a good mood all the time!! And that started this natural progression to helping people improve their wellness through nutrition. Here are some real stories:

One of my clients actually asked me,

“what in the world are you on, and how can I get some?”

I gave him the info, and he ordered his first Transformation. He lost 15 pounds, and has been a loyal customer (and continuing to lose weight) ever since. Another client decided to just do a modified Transformation, with the goal of gaining energy with the Can’t Beet This nutrition drink. She couldn’t believe that just one scoop in the morning gave her lasting energy all day. She also lost 10 pounds in 30 days. A family member wanted to try the Athlete’s Transformation, and she lost 5 pounds, a few inches and managed to run a 5K while on the Transformation! She also continues to order products every month because she feels better and gets the nutrition she needs.

These products all come with a 60-day money back guarantee, which one client had to use. She had an allergic reaction to one of the products, and sent it back for a full refund. No questions asked.

Is this an MLM? Yes, yes it is. But is it what I thought it would be, i.e. annoying, salesy, fake and a total scam? No, not even close. I discovered a way to actually give myself, my family, my friends and my clients discounted access to REALLY pure products that can help change their lives.

I’m now over 6 months into using these products every day, and the difference in my health is amazing.
My menstrual cycle is back on 28 days. Yay!
I sleep like a champ, no herbs needed.
My sugar cravings are at an all-time low.
My energy levels and mood are way up.
I have helped other people live better lives, or they get their money back.

So I learned that this particular MLM really does make me feel like this! It’s not a scam, and I’m not some sleezy salesperson trying to rope people into something that is going to let them down. These products won’t let you down. And neither will choosing to live a better life through better nutrition.
I promise, I’m not trying to recruit you or push anything on you. I’m simply leaving this information here for you in the event you need some nutritional help or healing.